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Get to Know the Top Artists Who Have Redefined Portraiture

You will find so many portrait artists in the art world today. One may be wondering which artists are being followed by art students or lovers since there is so much talent. This website has more details on modern-day portraiture, check it out. Learn about some of the top artists redefining portraiture below.

Lauren Brevner is one of these artists. She has taught herself in mixed-media artistry. Lauren grew up in a mixed heritage family, and this has helped her a lot when it comes to inspiration and culture, and it finds its way into her portraits. Her art journey started when she studied under Sin Nakayamal in Japan. You will recognize her portraits in that they portray the female form, and she uses resin, acrylic, and oil.

Another artist that you should be aware of is Daniel Greene. He is known to be the first pastel artist in the United States. He still uses other mediums, but pastel is his main medium.

Kehinde Wiley is an American portrait artist commonly known for painting portraits of black people. His painting is done as a political act and is drawn in elements of gender, class, race, sexuality, and identity. His painting work is based in New York, and he regularly holds model castings on the streets. He also does paintings inspired by royalty, noblemen, and aristocrats. More information is available on Kehinde Wiley, check it out here.

Eric Daigh is also one of the artists redefining portraiture, and his uniqueness is that of using pushpins, a medium not commonly used by other artists. Each portrait that he does needs an average of 11,000 pushpins, and he puts them in place one by one. If you’re interested in discovering how pushpins can be used in portraiture, check it out.

You also need to look out for Cindy Sherman in the art world. She does contemporary self-portrait artwork, and the different portraits depict her in a variety of ways. She needs to play many roles at a time for her art, which is being a makeup artist, photographer, and hairdresser. If you’re interested in seeing some of her portraits, check it out here.

JR is a famous artist known to have the largest art gallery in the world, and he does photography and street artistry. He is said to have the largest art gallery because his photographs become memorialized worldwide on walls as supersized versions of themselves. His photos are usually free, which makes them extremely accessible. If you’re interested in viewing some of his artwork, check it out here.

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