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High Quality Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative medicine is said to be more effective in treating some stubborn diseases as it works by reversing the damages caused to the body. The medicine contains cytokines, proteins and other constituents that are much useful in the body defense mechanism. The process of healing is made faster through mechanisms to counter the harmful processes caused by an injured part. This treatment can be used for many illnesses that are not easy to treat using other methods of treatment and medicines. Mesenchymal stem cells are needed in making this medicine and the umbilical cord has been found to be a source of these cells.

Previously the adult human bone marrow was the source of these cells but the umbilical cord is a better source of the cells. The umbilical cord is preferred due to the fact that it is easier to acquire these cells here than in other sources like the bone marrow. The self renewal properties of the cells got from the umbilical cord are much better and higher than the properties from other sources. Contaminants usually make a cell not as effective as needed which is why the umbilical cord is a great source because the contaminants are not as many. The stemness properties are able to give better results and those from the umbilical cord have more of these properties.

Extracting the cells from the umbilical cord is easier and they are more stable compared to the other cells. It is possible to extract a lot of these cells from the umbilical cord requiring just simple procedures compared to when got from other sources. Low immunogenicity properties suit the treatment of injuries to the nervous system and this property is shown by the stem cells. Although it has been previously difficult to treat the neurodegenerative disease, the cells show a potential of creating an effective drug for it. They can do this through partial reversal of the neuron degeneration and nerve functions of the femoral nerve.

Patients with neuropathic pains suffer a lot but it can be reduced when this drug is prescribed for such pains. This pain is caused by some activators and the cells make them less effective while promoting the performance of the neuropathic pain inhibitors. The drugs also have the potential to heal some eye related diseases once used according to specifications. Foot ulcers are usually as a result of diabetic neuropathy which can be treated using the stem cells as a remedy. Many men report about the erectile dysfunction and the present solution is temporary as it aims at reducing the symptoms of this condition. It is possible to treat inflammatory diseases and most of the problems affecting the lungs such as asthma and others through the drugs from stem cells.
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